North Medford High School students say they're ready to vote

North Medford High School, Mar. 2nd 2016, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

Medford -- North Medford High School government students are learning about the election and figuring out why it matters to them. Peter Bolling is an AP government teacher. He said despite what most people think, high school students do know about the election.

"They understand their own bread and butter issues, what impacts them. Student loans, going off to college. They want to know how can we afford that. Can I go into debt, can I get a job later," Bolling said.

Matthew Mendenhall is a senior at North Medford involved in student government. He said although students care, he's worried they won't make the effort to vote.

"What they're talking about is really going to influence what we'll be dealing with in the eight years. They have a big debt. This generation is going to have to deal with that debt somehow. On campus I'm just trying to get people to register to vote," Mendenhall said.

Mendenhall said he hopes to create a day on campus where students can learn how to go about it. Senior Tyler Williams said his classmates should realize their vote matters.

"When you have a bunch of people that don't think they're going to make an impact that's a big number that could have actually voted for something and changed something," Williams said.

Jovanna Salvador-McColly is only a junior, but she says she couldn't be more excited to vote in the November election.

"A lot of people that are voting aren't really going to be affected by these policies in a couple years. And so I think it matters because we're the ones that these policies are going to effect," Salvador McColly said.

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