ODF and Cal Fire prepare for fire's spread

ODF cal fire.PNG

As the Hornbrook fire continues north, Oregon Department of Forestry and Cal Fire are beginning joint work to stop the flames.

They work together often, planning for the season or training their personnel.

But today, the stakes are higher.

ODF is working on preventative measures to catch that fire before it crosses the state line.

With the wind and terrain, precautions are being taken to prepare for the worst case scenario.

"Currently, we have about 3 dozers, 8 different pieces of aircraft, and several firefighters are on the ground trying to basically construct a fire line that can catch the fire from spreading any further," says Melissa Cano, Public Information Officer at ODF.

As of this morning, the fire was about a mile from the Oregon-California border.

Last time a fire crossed that same border was the Oregon Gulch fire in 2013.

At last check, the Klamathon fire is burning about a mile from the border.

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