ODF responding to over 100 fires since Monday

A helicopter drops water on the Nugget Fire on Friday. The Nugget Fire is one of the newest fires ODF has responded to since Monday. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Jackson, Josephine County, Ore. - Oregon Department of Forestry says lightning storms since Monday have caused the biggest problems for fire crews.

The agency has responded to fires as small as 1/100th of an acre to fires like the Blanket Creek Fire. Instead of giving all the fires names, ODF has resorted to giving many of them numbers instead.

ODF says the past week has been a higher concentration of fires than normal at this point in fire season.

"We have our 911 centers throughout the counties, we also have our direct dispatch, we also have our front office that receive calls, as well as some of us - like myself - that receive direct calls too," Melissa Cano, spokeswoman for ODF, said. "It's hard to get that grand total, but I imagine if you had to compile all of them together, the phone has not stopped ringing."

Fortunately, many of the fires ODF has responded to have been kept small because of quick response.

Despite the non-stop calls, ODF always encourages residents to call in potential fires. They also discourage people from trying to fight wildfires on their own - no matter what size.

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