ODOT responds to Trump's infrastructure plan

Restore bridges (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

Oregon Department of Transportation says it's happy to hear funding will be given to help infrastructure, but the amount is not enough.

Dave Thompson with ODOT says they hope the amount will increase.

Last year, the state legislature passed the Keep Oregon Moving Act, which is the largest transportation package in Oregon history.

As of right now, Thompson says the state is taking action on its own, not waiting for the federal government, but he says ODOT does need the federal government as a partner.

"We need money that we know will come in, we need to know how much more or less is coming in several years in advance, so we can plan projects that take time to plan," said Thompson.

The main project ODOT wants to start is rehabilitate or replace bridges across the state.

The bridges were all built to seismic codes at the time they were built, but Thompson says seismic codes have increased.

He says this will make Oregon safer for when the big one hits.

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