OLCC Works with Police to tackle illegal marijuana grows

OLCC Chairman Steven Marks outside the KTVL Studio (KTVL/Alexander Mesadieu)

The Oregon Liquor Control Commision (OLCC) is changing its approach to illegal marijuana grows.

It announced today that Oregon State Police will be co-located with the OLCC in Medford to coordinate information about illegal grows with each other.

Today they sat down with local and state law enforcement as well as representatives of the US Department of Justice to talk about their new strategy.

"That's really good news for all the growers that made the investment to get into the legal system because oregon is following up on it's commitment to look into illegal operations and prosecute them," said Steven Marks, the Executive Director of the OLCC.

The OLCC will also suspend their mature plant requirements for growers who applied to the OLCC before June 23rd.

"We changed it to accommodate the fact that this marijuana, if we don't license these folks, it's suddenly immediately an illegal grow and it has no place to go but to the illicit markets," said Marks.

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