One day from the election, and the race for Governor remains close

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The Oregon Governor's race is down to the wire. Poll numbers show governor Kate Brown is in the lead, but only by a few points.

Democrats have held the governors seat in Oregon for the past thirty years, despite a few close calls.

Despite those results, southern Oregon counties have consistently voted to elect republicans. This year, those voters may get their wish.

In Oregon, there are about 1 million registered democrats and 700,000 registered republicans.

But poll numbers show a tighter gap between the two candidates.

"I think it's a close race because republicans nominated someone whose a moderate, and somebody who's pretty acceptable to a broad cross section of voters," says Jennifer Duffy with the Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan elections newsletter.

Duffy says that part of it also has something to do with Kate Brown needing to prove herself to the electorate, especially after ascending to the position and winning by a narrow margin in 2016.

And then, of course, there are the issues.

The candidates can agree on certain areas where progress needs to be made, but how to get there is a different matter.

A big issue on both of their platforms - healthcare.

Buehler draws on his experience in the industry.

"We need to start paying physicians and hospitals for prevention and wellness, and that is a paradigm shift that is so sorely needed and that i will bring and that governor brown has truly avoided," says Buehler.

Meanwhil, Governor Brown focuses more on accessibility for families, drawing on her experience in office.

"The work we're doing on the Oregon Health Plan is key. I led the effort to make sure 400,000 additional Oregonians have access through the biennium." Gov. Brown says.

The candidates also disagree on how best to approach other issues like education and housing, while agreeing urgent action is needed.

So in this race, the public isn't voting on what issues need to be addressed, so much as how we should address them.

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