One year since Nathan Sickler sworn in as Sheriff

First year as Sheriff (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

it's been one year since Nathan Sickler has been sworn in as the Sheriff of Jackson County.

Sheriff Sickler says 2017 was a busy year for the sheriff's office, especially after the summer months.

Sickler says everyone was working hard when it was time for the Jackson County Fair and the four day Country Crossings Music Festival, which both events were in the same month.

"We helped be apart of a solution and our staff did a great job out there and we all worked hard for four days, but and the end of it, I thought it was pretty successful for our community," said Sheriff Sickler.

Fire season was also something the Jackson County Sheriff's Office had to deal with.

Sickler said Search and Rescue had more than 160 missions in 2017, that was an all-time high for the sheriff's office.

Another big project, the Jackson County Jail opened its basement, adding 62 beds in April.

Sickler says for 2018 he wants to continue improving the jail.

"We have to figure something out because it's probably our weakest link in the criminal justice system," said Sheriff Sickler.

2018 also marks 20 years since Sheriff Sickler has been in Law Enforcement. His term ends at end of the year, but Sickler says he might tackle another term.

"If people want me to be here, I'll be here for the next term," said Sheriff Sickler.

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