Online community helps local bar with theft investigation

After a laptop was stole from The Gypsy Blues Bar, owners turned to social media to find the suspect. (Jennevieve Fong / News 10)

Medford residents joined together online to help with a theft investigation at the Gypsy Blues Bar. After a bartender told owners their karaoke laptop was missing on Sunday night, owners Clay Bearnson and Robin Bittinger looked back at their surveillance footage. Footage showed the act of theft caught on camera.

"In this day of technology, I mean, everybody has cameras," Bearnson said. "Cameras are everywhere. People have cameras on their doorbells."

Bearnson said it's not just the monetary value of the computer that's important, but more so the effect it'll have on daily bar operations.

"It's invaluable for the business," Bearnson said. "I mean, karaoke nights are, you know, our two biggest money-making nights. It's pretty detrimental effect on our business not having a karaoke computer."

The owners turned to Facebook to identify Carmen Jones as the woman in the video. Medford Police confirmed she was arrested for the crime Wednesday evening.

"It's really awesome to know that our Gypsy friends and family are looking out for us," Bearnson said. "This is Medford, and there's probably two degrees of separation in this community, so everybody knows somebody or somebody here."

Bittinger said the laptop was returned by a young male. She said the business owners provided the name of a possible suspect to police.

Unfortunately, the business has dealt with criminals before.

"This isn't our first time being victims of theft and it's a big problem that we have in Medford with our known rampant drug use and people finding value in other people's property to support their bad habits."

Owners are working with a computer technician to help restore lost data.

"As of right now, we're trying to see if we can retrieve the documents that she deleted off our computer and we'll go from there," Bearnson said. "We'll determine whether or not will press charges."

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