OnTrack puts action plan into place

MEDFORD -- Doctor Kerri Hecox is the new interim director for OnTrack.

She said the addiction recovery program is crucial in providing treatment and housing to the most vulnerable populations. The first priority for OnTrack is remodeling crisis housing over the next three months.

"Getting facilities to a level that we believe they need to be and putting a maintenance plan is accessible and that we can communicate with all of our partners, intersted community partners," Hecox said.

Darryl Inaba is the director of clinical and behavioral health at Addictions Recovery Center. He said the Rogue Valley needs OnTrack to combat addiction, and these changes are necessary.

"They're the largest provider maybe in Oregon, but definitely in Southern Oregon. They have hundreds of people in outpatient and many in residential treatment that is importantly needed or very badly needed, rather, and I can't think about losing those services," Inaba said.

During her time with OnTrack, Hecox said she'll be relying on the community. Already, the non-profit is getting help from Southern Oregon Pediatrics, The Family Nurturing Center, and United Way.

"You have lack of education, you have lack of resources to get good job training and I think when approaching families that have substance abuse problems it's really important to look at the entire picture of the family to understand what they need in order to move forward," Hecox said.

Other priorities for OnTrack include employee retention and maintenance.

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