Dept. of Education: Ashland School District not providing adequate education to gifted

KTVL file photo

ASHLAND, Ore. -After a six-month investigation, the Oregon Department of Education ruled on March 17 that the Ashland School District is out of compliance with state laws in regards to their talented and gifted students.

The state is planning to withhold funding and deem Ashland a non-standard school if the district doesn't present a corrective action plan by June 15.

The findings of the report, provided to News10 by a viewer, say that:

The district does not currently meet the minimum standards for ensuring that all TAG identified students receive instruction that is designed to accommodate the individual students' assessed levels of learning and accelerated rates of learning as required by [state law].

The corrective plan must be submitted by the above date and must outline the district's plan to ensure compliance with state law.

If the district fails to submit a corrective action plan by the above date, they may not receive further state school funding.

Upon successful implementation of the plan, the district will be restablished as a "standard school."

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