Oregon Dept. of Education wants improvements in Ashland School District TAG program

Ashland School District must improve their TAG program to be up to state standards by June 15th. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Ashland, Ore. - On Friday, the Oregon Department of Education completed a six month evaluation and released its findings: the district has a need for professional development on differentiating instruction for individual TAG students, improving teacher access to the list of TAG identified students in their classrooms and consistent opportunity for parents to be involved in developing TAG plans

Matt Richards, a district parent, submitted a formal complaint about the lack of programming and curriculum four years ago.

"That's really what it's mostly about is making sure when the kids go to school, they are inspired and learning things that are stimulating for them," Richards says.

Richards says he's happy with the report. He noted the district already has a comprehensive plan on their website. He does not necessarily want to see changes to that plan, but the implementation of it.

"If it was actually implemented, it would be great," Richards says. "It would be perfect, and I've always told everybody in the district this. 'Hey you guys have a great plan we just got to do it,' right? We just got to make it happen and they already have the road map, they don't need to reinvent the wheel."

The district says they have been working with ODE since August to correct the issues identified in the report.

"Oftentimes what we see is parents are very involved particularly at an elementary level and their involvement, or the awareness they can be involved, tends to drop off as the kids get older," Samuel Bogdanove, director for student services in ASD, said.

Bogdanove says the corrections should be in place by June - just before the new superintendent arrives.

"We do need to have the final corrective action plan approved by both our board and by the state Department of Education but we anticipate that we'll have that done by June."

TAG student programming is available at every level of schooling - elementary, middle and high school - but students do not need to necessarily be TAG identified to participate.

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