Oregon enforces new marijuana harvest regulation


Outdoor marijuana growers must now notify state officials when planning to harvest for general use. The rule was effective on Saturday, Sept. 1.

Facing pressure from federal officials, the regulation is intended to prevent illegal sales. Since Oregon has a large inventory of marijuana, critics say the supply is fueling diversion on to the black market, both in Oregon and out-of-state.

The notification also invites inspectors from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to show up to observe harvests.

Stacy Gilbert from Emerald Triangle Dispensary said the industry is already regulated, so this is another bureaucratic hurdle growers have to deal with.

"Every plant has to be tagged as it's growing in the ground," Gilbert said. "Everything is completely tracked. They already know which plants are entering in the system. I feel like it's a very unneeded rule at this point."

Gilbert said the new rule is specifically targeting Southern Oregon as there are many outdoor growers in the local area.

Farmers said anyone growing pot in the state's legal program is paying thousands of dollars in licensing fees and isn't going to operate illegally.

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