Oregon Health Authority looks to help connect patients with services

Foundations for Recovery, Mar. 30th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MEDFORD -- Oregon Health Authority is looking at the growing need for behavioral health services through new recommendations. This includes creating a new minimum standard of care.

But Darryl Inaba with Addictions Recovery Center said the most important recommendation is adding staff.

"There's not enough professionals, there's not enough people in the field. We're having a difficult time filling slots. We're trying to track people from all over the state," Inaba said.

Doug Gould with Foundations for Recovery said another key point from OHA is increasing communication between agencies.

"For folks that come through for addiction recovery, they come in with duel diagnosis, they come in with mental health issues as well. If agencies just focus on one aspect of care they're missing the needs of the participant," Gould said.

The director said if action isn't taken at the state level, the need for these services will only grow.

"I think the biggest need is for organizations and cities and counties to realize that this need isn't going to go away," Gould said.

Inaba said another issue is access. The health authority is attempting to solve this by creating a website that connects patients to services in every county.

"It's so difficult for people who are under stress, people who are suffering from addiction, people who are having emotional problems to really navigate and find access to health care," he said.

Inaba said only one in 23 people who need addiction services are able to access it. To find recovery centers near you head to

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