Oregon Liquor Control Commission to assess inspection process

As of October 1, 2016, this symbol is required on all marijuana products being sold in Oregon, including marijuana plants, seeds, usable marijuana and cannabinoid products, as outlined in OAR 333-007 in the labeling rules, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

An audit of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission found several weaknesses in the way marijuana is being regulated in Oregon.

The main concerns highlighted by the OLCC are a lack of inspectors and self-reporting data of recreational marijuana business sales by owners.

"The issue of the self-reporting is, there's no other method," Mark Pettinger of the OLCC said.

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Pettinger said self-entered data is similar to filing your own taxes - if a red flag pops up in the system, then inspectors check it out.

Marijuana inspectors also make sure security cameras are in place and businesses have marijuana worker permits.

"We're still assessing whether or not the number of inspectors that we have is adequate, and this is something that the Secretary of State's audit pointed out - that it's going to need constant observation and constant assessment on our part," Pettinger said.

The OLCC said it plans to hire five additional inspectors and reassess the system from there.

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