OSP: 1 week, 2 impaired driving collisions with Troopers

Pictured is a damaged Oregon State Police Trooper's car after an impaired driver hit it. (Courtesy OSP)

In the span of just seven days, Oregon State Police say that two of their Troopers have been struck by impaired drivers.

Thankfully, in both instances, the Troopers were left without major injuries. However, these crashes serve as a dangerous reminder of the consequences of impaired or distracted driving.

OSP says their Troopers are already spread thin across Oregon's highways. "Now, there are two less dedicated Troopers on the road as they heal from injury," OSP said in a statement Friday.

Police say they "cannot stress enough that our safety and the safety of everyone else who travels the roadways are counting on you to make responsible driving choices."

"Literally, our Trooper's lives are in your hands."

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