OSP cautions drivers as winter weather arrives

KTVL/ Stephanie Montano

Southern Oregon will be seeing rain throughout the rest of the week with the heaviest of it expected to hit on Friday. The Oregon State Police Department is cautioning drivers as the winter weather worsens.

In the last week, 25 crashes were reported in Central Point, 14 in Klamath Falls, and two in Gold Beach. OSP Sgt. Jeff Proulx said they can't blame all of the crashes on weather conditions, but they say it's important for drivers to be extra cautious.

"We went for months without rain and then we get some rain and it brings all the oils out of the roadway," said Proulx. "Now that rain has washed a bunch of the oils off, but it still makes it very slick. They're probably still running their summer tires. They may not have tires that are in great shape."

In Josephine County, OSP responded to 22 weather-related crashes last week. The department also wants to remind drivers to also be prepared for snow, especially if you plan on driving along the passes. They recommend carrying clothing, food, water and boots.

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