Outdoor Program at SOU talks about fire season

Southern Oregon University's Outdoor Program. (Sammy Shaktah/KTVL)

Southern Oregon University's Outdoor Program allows students and the public to rent gear to enjoy the splendor of southern Oregon and northern California's outdoors and nature.

They even plan trips with students, Many of them are enthusiastic about destinations they travel to - good weather permitting.

When fire season comes around, however, plans usually have to change as flames can cover acres of land and smoke can fill the air for days at a time.

Paige Miller, a staff member of SOU's Outdoor Program says that planning is key.

"It's all about being sure that you have your plan A, B, and C," Miller said. "If we're gonna go to the North Umpqua or more to Central Oregon or stay more in the Rogue Valley depending on where fires are... it could really change quickly just depending on where smoke is. The winds might start blowing in a different direction."

The Outdoor Program is also there for students when situations get too extreme from the fires. They allow students to use their facilities like the indoor track and rock climbing wall so an active lifestyle can still continue.

This keeps students indoors and out of unhealthy, smoky conditions.

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