Packed bags help prepare for the "big one"

Residents should have several different bags and a practiced evacuation plan in set for earthquakes and other natural disasters (Marissa Olid/News 10).

Thursday morning, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rattled the seafloor 171 miles off the coast of Bandon. If a major earthquake struck our region today would you be prepared?

Earthquakes can be terrifying, however, being prepared may help ease some nerves. Nikki Perrin with Josephine County Emergency Management recommends everyone have several bags ready to go in case of an emergency, whether it be wildfire or an earthquake.

"There are a number of different bags that you should have ready," Perrin said.

These bags include: a go-kit bag, an evacuation bag, and a shelter bag.

"Every person in the county should have a go-kit, something you keep in your car so if you were in your car during an earthquake, you would have something on hand to take care of you for at least a few days," Perrin said.

The go-kit is the smallest bag that should be prepared and stays in the car with items such as food, water, things to keep you warm and/or cool, a flashlight, first-aid kit and more.

"Our states standards are two weeks, so basically you should have two weeks worth of supplies to aid in your survival without any assistance at all in any area," Perrin said.

Perrin describes an evacuation bag as a bag that is near a doorway and is easy to grab on the way out in case of an emergency. A shelter bag is described as a larger bag with more quantities in case you must stay at a Red Cross shelter or any other place, such as a friends.

Not only is having bags vital to being prepared in an emergency but also having a practiced plan set in stone.

"It doesn't really do you any good to have an evacuation plan in place and nobody knows how to use it," Perrin said.

As for important paperwork she said these items should be kept in a flash drive and placed inside the evacuation bag by the door so the documents can be accessible anywhere.

"It is very important for people to understand the recovery of our state is on the shoulders of each individual person," Perrin said.

Go-kit bags can be purchased through RVEM or made at home.

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