Concern over road near private school


Parents, teachers, and students of Rogue Valley Adventist Academy have expressed concern with the lack of safety measures regarding the school's entrance on South Stage Road.

The Principal, Ann Campbell, says that they've been trying for several years to get a school speed zone put in around the entrance to the school's driveway. The entrance is around a blind corner, making it difficult for drivers to safely exit the driveway and for those on the road to see these drivers. Her concern is for her students, especially new drivers; "it is an accident waiting to happen and we really don't want that to happen at all."

A few students and new drivers weighed in on the issue. Quinn Gillespie, Madelyn Bennett, and Jared Wilson share the same concerns about the driveway's blind spot. "It's like a total guessing game as to whether there's a car coming around the corner" says Quinn. Madelyn follows, "it is a school. There are kids on campus. No one should be going fast." Jared's main concern is new drivers, "You have to speed up to get across. I'm afraid newer drivers will over correct and go over the little cliff that's there."

John Vial, Director at Jackson Country Roads, says that while the school is in a school zone, it does not fit the criteria for a school speed zone. He says it had a reduced speed 15 years ago, but they removed it due to lack of compliance and necessity. "It felt out of place." The speed limit is 45 miles an hour on South Stage Road. The school speed zone is meant for roads less than 40 miles an hour and is not in place for driver safety, but rather for biker and pedestrian safety. He says that "pedestrians are pretty unusual" on the road.

Vial says he's willing to go over the school's options with them.

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