Parents take daughter after losing custody; Police trying to locate child

(KTVL/Randi Burns)

ASHLAND, Ore.- On September 16, Department of Human Services Child Welfare took protective custody of Emma Long (7), holding a shelter hearing to determine the best options for the child.

Emma was placed into the care of her mother Sara Long (43) with multiple conditions, specifically that her mom would not allow Emma to have contact with her father Trevor Long (33).

On October 5, her mother failed to appear for a court appearance, raising concerns that she may try to reunite with the father and leave the area with their child Emma. Because of these developing concerns, DHS placed the child with a relative.

On October 7, Sara Long picked up Emma from Helman Elementary and fled the area with Trevor Long. All three were seen entering a Black 4 Door 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 with Oregon License Plates 335HFD, and hauling a black BMW on a trailer.

A protective custody warrant was issued directing that the child, Emma Long, be taken into protective custody and returned to DHS. Police believe they immediately fled Oregon and are in California.

Ashland Police Detectives continue to investigate this crime of custodial interference and are asking for the community’s help to locate Emma. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Emma Long, Sara Long or Trevor Long, you are encouraged to call the Ashland Police Department at 541.482.5211.

You can also call the anonymous tip line at 541.552.2333 or email at

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