Pelicans campaign for new marching band uniforms


Klamath Falls City Schools is nearing the completion of a campaign to purchase new marching band uniforms for Klamath Union High School.

According to school officials, the current uniforms are many years old and needing to be replaced. The uniforms will cost approximately $53,000.

KFCS music department has received a gift of $50,000 by the Estate of the late Doris Sessom. Half of her gift will go toward purchasing the new marching band uniforms and the other half will be used to purchase music instruments for the various bands and orchestras of the school district for students who are unable to afford instruments.

Additionally, the Pelican Education Foundation, a charitable organization that supports the Klamath Falls City Schools, has also recently contributed $2,500 to help in the efforts to purchase new marching band uniforms, as has the KU band which has raised approximately $14,000.

Lastly, the 'Best Seat in the House' project is underway to finish this marching band uniform campaign. Community members, alums, or any interested persons or organizations are invited to contribute $150 for a nameplate to be placed on the back of the seats that will be in the new performing arts theater at KU. The money raised in this effort will also be used to supplement the new theater equipment budget.

Please visit the school district website,, or call the school district office at 541-883-4700 to make a contribution.

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