People looking to tiny houses during housing crisis

Carsyn/News 10

As Talent and many other Oregon cities discuss housing availability and affordability, two residents say tiny homes could be the solution.

Ilana Moss, in particular, has lived in a tiny house for ten years. She said it's the best thing that's ever happened to her.

"The tiny house movement began and I moved into it, and realized what that lifestyle was like. I would never go back. Ever," Moss said.

When the housing crisis began ten years ago, Moss said she needed to find somewhere affordable to live. Her experience has taught her that tiny houses are the answer to many problems.

"We have energy and water issues, land issues, and affordable housing issues. Tiny house neighborhoods will solve all of those problems," said Moss.

Her dream is to one day live in a tiny house neighborhood.

Moss has been working with Talent City Council to make her dream a reality.

Ben Ward agrees with Moss. He is a contractor, and with the ongoing tiny house trend, he decided to build one of his own.

"I can't afford the property without going into debt, so this is a way for me to make a living space and possibly a business without going into debt," said Ward

A tiny house neighborhood would consist of residents who own their property and their tiny house. They would be able to garden and landscape their yards to make it feel just like a typical neighborhood. Right now, a lot of individuals who live in tiny houses don't own the property their house is on, so there is a fear of eviction. Moss said she's working with the city to come up with a solution.

"They want to do that, it's just dealing with the current laws and ordinances and what's legal and not legal right now in the state of Oregon," said Moss

The Talent City Council has been discussing housing strategies since February. Their next meeting on August 22nd will continue to discuss more plans for affordable housing and the possibility of alternative housing.

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