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Pest Control: Poison could have unintended consequences for homeowners

(Courtesy: Brian Druihet)
(Courtesy: Brian Druihet)
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Fighting rodents can be a relentless job - and nearly 90% of southern Oregon homes and businesses may have a rodent problem.

Some solutions include getting a cat, calling pest control and sealing access points. Notably, one solution not included is using poison.

If poison is used, it can kill animals that aren't targets like cats or raccoons. Even if it kills the rodents, those rodents can start decomposing before you notice.

"Those rats will take time to decompose," David Ord, from Pointe Pest Control, said. "Sometimes up to three weeks or more depending on the time of year. I mean we're in a time of year that's a little cooler so it could take a longer time."

Ord warns that if rats start decomposing, you'll get blowflies and a bad stench. Both of those could lead to additional costs assuming residents want to get rid of that. Ord has met people who have taken out walls and floors looking for decomposing rodents.

Again, solutions for pest control includes calling a professional, getting a cat and above all else sealing access points under the building.

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