Pets from Paradise's Campfire in need of loving homes

One of the many pets looking for a new home.

(Sammy Shaktah/ News 10)

A PetSmart in Medford hosted adoptions on Saturday for many cats and dogs who need loving homes, 6 dogs and 22 cats to be exact.

Many of these animals were evacuated and displaced after the Campfire in Paradise California.

These dogs and cats were at the adoption event at PetSmart and event staff say the word needs to go out that these animals need a loving and permanent home.

Amongst the event workers were members from the Friends in Rescue organization and the Rescue Ranch from Yreka, California.

"These dogs just aren’t getting the kind of traffic to see them, people coming to visit them and be adopted into loving families. So there was this creative idea by Connie who's the store manager here at the Medford PetSmart to say 'Why don’t we have a special adoption event for the dogs of paradise and the cats of the Campfire,'" Laura Finley, Rescue Ranch board member said.

While many of the dogs at the event are in need of a great home, the cats there also need help and adequate resources for a better future.

The Friends in Rescue organization mentioned three of their cats have been adopted and twenty-four still need homes.

If adopting isn't an option, they can also be helped by providing kitten food which is gentle on all cats. Many of the cats need special care after a rough past.

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