PG&E restores gas mains in Paradise

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced Thursday they have completed repairing, testing, and restoring the gas mains in Paradise.

They said they are ready to restore service to about 1,300 customers who can receive natural gas. To have PG&E come to your property you can contact them at 800-743-5000 and they will also relight pilot lights.

PG&E said you should not try to turn on your gas meters by yourself.

“Restoring electricity and gas is an essential first step on the journey to rebuild the community devastated by this fire. Crews have worked tirelessly for the past two months to make safe, assess and rebuild the natural gas system in Paradise. As PG&E moves forward with its long-term rebuilding plans, we are also working closely with the town of Paradise and Butte County to ensure that the infrastructure reconstruction effort fully aligns with their strategy for rebuilding these communities,” said Aaron Johnson, a vice president in PG&E’s electric operations.

The company started restoring gas services in mid-December. As they were working, critical infrastructure like the Paradise police and fire stations, town hall, and the Adventist Health Center were provided with portable natural gas.

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