Phoenix city manager resigns after four months, mayor discusses what's next

Phoenix City Manager Eric Swanson(KTVL)

After roughly four months on the job, the Phoenix city manager Eric Swanson has called it quits.

Written in a statement the city released Wednesday, Swanson will be retiring from more than 30 years in city management to transition to the private sector.

Swanson was hired by phoenix in September of 2017, shortly after the previous manager Jamie McLeod was fired.

Phoenix Mayor Chris Luz says such a short amount of time, Swanson has gotten a lot accomplished.

"Here he's done a number of great things," says Luz. "We reconstituted the urban renewal board of directors into the city council which is great. We arranged for the financing of the new Phoenix Civic Center - 2.5 million dollars - and we'll get that construction under way. He's done a number of things under a short period of time and we're really thankful for that."

Luz says he came in the middle of yet another transition period between city managers. "It's been, I think, three permanent city managers [since Luz has been in office]. Two have come and gone fairly quickly within a four month period," Luz says.

In his resignation letter, Swanson says the following:

"Mayor Luz, you have exhibited the highest degree of professional standards, as has the City Council and the Phoenix City Staff. I have thoroughly enjoyed the brief time that I have worked with you, the City Council and Phoenix's outstanding employees and citizens of this community."

In 2012, Swanson served as the manager for The City of Medford but was terminated during the middle of a city council meeting.

Mayor Luz says the city council meeting next Tuesday will determine what steps the city will take next.

"Eric leaving after was a surprise, and [I] was hoping to have him here for two, three, four years," Mayor Luz says. "But what are you gonna do? He's going to move on with what he thinks is best."

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