Phone call from watch prompts school shooting false alarm

(KTVL/Mike Marut)

Early Thursday morning, Grants Pass Department of Public Safety responded to a call of a shooting at Fruitdale Elementary School.

The response happened because of a watch that has the ability to make phone calls. The Fruitdale student called their dad incidentally from the watch.

The parent answered the phone and heard kids screaming in the background. Once he heard that, he tried getting the attention of the student - which he was unable to do. After the phone call ended, the parent called police thinking it was a shooting at the school.

"The student didn't realize they had called their parent," Lt. Dennis Ward from GPDPS said. "They were out playing with some of their friends and during that, while playing, they were yelling 'help me help me'."

Police responded not only to Fruitdale Elementary, but to every school in the district just in case. That action was taken to ensure every school in the area was safe and no emergency was happening.

Even though this was determined to be a false alarm, Lt. Ward says the parent made the right call by calling police without definitive proof of a shooting.

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