Picket fence at Bear Creek Park part of bigger plans

Picket Fence at Bear Creek Park with names of people who have purchased (Marissa Olid/News 10).

The Olsurd Family Community Playground that sits at Bear Creek Park has a new picket fence thanks to a Picket Fence Fundraiser.

For $100, anyone can purchase a picket with their family or company name engraved in it, which will be added to the fenceline.

The playground was originally installed in 1987 but the Medford Parks and Recreation Department has paired up with several other agencies to help replace the playground.

Currently, the playground has a castle-like design that includes a bouncer trampoline, a rock wall, ladders, tunnels, slides and more.

The designers requested feedback from the children and parents to see what they would like to see through a community survey. Children liked the current theme of the playground. Parents responded with feedback about making the park more accessible for kids of all abilities and wanting to see a perimeter built around the playground for safety reasons.

"That was about a $900,000 playground funded through City funds and fundraising efforts," said Rich Rosenthal of Medford Parks and Recreation. "The pickets help bring in revenue to help offset the cost."

Rosenthal says that the pickets have generated a lot of excitement around the community, and have been selling quickly. In total, there were about 700 pickets available. Currently, about 500 have been sold, with roughly 200 remaining. The pickets are a charitable contribution and a tax right off.

"It's a great opportunity for people to leave their mark on the playground and see their names for generations to come," said Rosenthal.

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