Two people injured after plane crashes in Medford neighborhood

Melissa Oar said the pilot told her he was aiming for trees to avoid hitting homes in the Medford neighborhood. (Courtesy Mikyle Carr 2)

Two people were taken to the hospital after a small plane crashed in a neighborhood south of Medford Airport.

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"I heard crash.. boom.. bang and I thought, 'what the heck is that? and I turned around and an airplane fell in my front yard," Medford resident Jim Porter said.

The plane crashed on the sidewalk right out front of his home just before 2:00 pm Saturday in the 2300 block of Whittle Ave.

Witnesses tell News 10 that the plane appeared to be coming in for a landing when it clipped a tree, hit two parked cars coming to rest in front of a second tree. It lost a wing and stopped on the front sidewalk of a home.

Robert Austin who lives nearby saw the plane come out of the sky.

“I heard it sputter and it was really low, came at angle. I feel like he didn’t have enough height. He came down hard and at a steep angle, plane leaning to left," Austin said.

The plane clipped a tree and two cars, and two people walked out of the plane with injures to their head and arms.

Melissa Oar, who lives nearby, said she has CPR and first aid training and wanted to help.

“The pilot had an ear and arm injury," Oar said. “He told me the fuel pump went out and he was aiming for the trees so he would not hit the houses.”

Medford police Corporal Erika Doran said investigators are looking into the the report and consider the crash under investigation.

“The other man came out and had a facial injury and my husband and I helped him pack the wound,” Oar said.

Doran said Mercy Flight transported the two injured occupants of the plane.

As rescuers worked the scene other planes landed along the same flight path over-head. It was a reality check for Oar.

“We always think about it when we see them flying over. I can read the side of the planes when they go over your house,” Oar said.

Police said no one on the ground was hurt in the incident.

Doran said the wreckage will remain where it lays on the suburban sidewalk until officials from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board arrive to investigate.

Porter said its the second small plane crash on Whittle since he's lived in the airport neighborhood since 1974.

This story is developing. News 10 is on the scene gathering more information.

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