Pipeline rupture leads to smoke over Rogue Valley Manor

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Some Medford residents woke up this morning to see smoke coming out of rogue valley manor.

A pipeline rupture Tuesday night in British Columbia affected utilities company Avista's ability to provide it customers natural gas.

Some of those customers are here in southern Oregon, including Rogue Valley Manor, a retirement community in Medford.

Rogue Valley Manor says the smoke coming out of their building this morning was a result of their transition from natural gas to their backup system that uses oil.

Avista is asking other local customers to minimize their use of natural gas as they resolve the issue.

"Staff members are working with customers in southern Oregon to further communicate the curtailment requests for industrial natural gas customers and conservation requests for the rest of our southern Oregon customers," says David Vowels, a communications manager for Avista.

Avista says that they're doing everything they can to maintain their natural gas system, which provides energy to 1.6 million people across theWest.

But they can not say how long it will take to resolve the issue.

Avista says that their natural gas is still safe for people to use in their homes and businesses when available... But urges people to conserve if possible.

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