Police arrest attempted murder suspect who says he planned many ways to get rid of body

37 year-old Ryan Conner (Medford Police Department)

Medford Police have arrested 37 year-old Ryan Conner for attempted murder along with other charges.

Police say on June 21, 2018 at about 4:15 a.m. they were called to the 1900 Block of Hutchins Circle.

At the scene, police spoke with a 36 year-old female victim who says she work up to her ex-boyfriend (Conner) standing over her as she lay in bed. She said he started to assault her.

The victim and Conner have a three year-old child together.

Police say she was able to get away, and went to her neighbor's house.

Police say Conner entered the victim's home with a key and strangled the victim. He hit her multiple times with a rubber mallet and used an electrical stun device to try and subdue her.

Conner then left the scene and went back to his place on the 1700 block of Crater Lake Ave where their child had been sleeping.

Police arrested Conner at his residents.

Police say Conner planned the attack, saying he had come up with several plans to get rid of the victims body.

The victim suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries. She was taken to a hospital.

The child was uninjured and was taken to family members.

Police say Conner was cooperative during the investigation. He was taken to the Jackson County Jail on Attempted Murder, Domestic Assault, Attempted Kidnapping, Strangulation, Burglary, and Child Neglect.

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