Police officer assaulted at WalMart

(COURTESY: Josephine County Jail)

On Thursday, Anthony Foster assaulted an officer with Grants Pass Department of Public Safety.

GPDPS responded to a Wal-Mart with members of the Department's Nuisance Intervention Team on Thursday.

Officers spoke with Anthony Foster in the Wal-Mart parking lot because his car had expired tags. Foster was discovered to be on probation and had misdemeanor-revoked driving privileges. Police told Foster he was going to be detained.

The suspect attempted to start his car and ignored the officer's orders to stop. Police feared he would escape in his vehicle and be a danger to the public so tasers were used on him.

Foster jumped in the passenger seat and opened the car door into the forehead of a uniformed police officers. The officer was left with a 2 inch cut on his forehead.

Foster continued to try and start the car to escape and police were forced to use physical force to prevent his escape.

The officer and Foster were given medical treatment at Three Rivers Medical Center.

The officer went home to recover and Foster was lodged at the Josephine County Jail.

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