Police say there were only minor issues at Rep. Walden's town hall in Grants Pass

People who attended the town hall were able to ask Walden questions, in Grants Pass, Oregon, on Friday, April 14th, 2017 (KTVL/Autumn Robertson).

GRANTS PASS, Ore.-- Grants Pass Department of Public Safety said Representative Greg Walden's town hall at Grants Pass High School went well. The agency said there is a lot of planning that goes into a big event like this.

Police said because the high school was still in session, it presented a different challenge. The event needed to be as safe as possible, without disturbing the school.

The police department said it was able to do both of those successfully. The department had eight officers there, schools marshals, as well as a fire marshal for capacity issues.

The event was filled at capacity with 739 people in total. People came from all over the region to hear Representative Walden speak.

"I spoke to a group of women and a gentleman who came from Klamath, and they came from their Indivisible group to hear Walden speak today because he's not going to be there in their tiny town," attendant Suzanne Lavine said.

The department of public safety said there were no problems at the event, but there were minor issues. For example, some had differing opinions, which led to some people getting a little heated. In those situations, officers intervened and told people to stop.

Overall, the department said it was a successful event, all things considering.

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