Police: teenage runaways "at risk", wherebouts unknown


Grants Pass Department of Public safety released a statement Saturday regarding two runaway juveniles who appear to be at risk.

Police say that Julie Renfro, 16, and Amy Renfro, 14, ran away from their shared residence located in the area of Riverside Park at approximately 1:55 p.m Saturday.

Both girls are approximately 5 feet tall, weigh 100 pounds, are slim built and have brown hair and brown eyes.

The two girls were possibly dressed in skinny jean pants and bright shirts.

The girls would be carrying their belongings in a purple backpack and a pillow case. Their intended destination is unknown at this time.

Police say they are not carrying a cell phone.

Police say they were last seen around 4:00 p.m Saturday heading west on SW Park Street near Tussing Park.

Police say that Julie Renfro has been known to self-harm herself in the past.

Anyone with information is asked to contact GPDPS at 541-450-6260.

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