Possible scammer claims to be from local jewelry store

A possible scammer contacted a Father and Son Jewelry customer about purchasing coins. The caller claimed to be from 'Father and Son,' leading the business to believe it is a scam. (KTVL/Genevieve Grippo)

A Medford business that has been a staple in the city's downtown core for more than 60 years warned their customers Monday of a potential scammer claiming to be store staff.

Robert Galas of Father and Son Jewelry said a frequent customer came to him and said that he had received a call from someone claiming to be from Father and Son. He said the caller tried to sell him silver dollar and half-dollar coins for 10 dollars a piece. The caller then requested credit card information.

Galas said the call came from a 1-800 number. While it could be from another legitimate business with the same name 'Father and Son,' he was skeptical.

"For people to call and say, 'We're Father and Son,' when Father and Son has been here for so many years, I wonder if something is legit or not," said Galas.

According to Galas, the customer asked for Robert by name during the phone call. The caller said Robert was not available, adding to his suspicion.

Galas filed a police report, and said police told him they would look into it. In the meantime, he wanted all his customers to know that his business does not sell coins.

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