Poverty rates increasing across Jackson County

ACCESS, Jul. 14th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MEDFORD -- The amount of people living poverty is growing in Jackson County.

That's according to new data from the US Census Bureau, which shows about 206,000 people are living in poverty across the county. This is an increase of about 5,000 people since 2012.

Staff at ACCESS said this is largely tied to rental rates. One in three renters is paying more than 50 percent of their income on rent.

"This area, Jackson County, has been one of the most expensive areas in the country to live basically because of the relativity between what people earn and what the cost of living are. It's just amazing in this valley," nutrition director Philip Yates said.

ACCESS said they are struggling to keep up with the need, even as the state adds additional resources.

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