Proposed aerial tram rides again; how PCT views can be more accessible

DUNSMUIR, Calif.-- A northern California woman is trying to make views from the Pacific Crest Trail more accessible.

Cheryl Petty is proposing the Horsetail Falls Aerial Tram to the community. It would connect Mount Bradley and the Pacific Crest Trail with Tauhindauli Park.

"The idea is visitors passing on I-5 or local families, or disabled people, or older people will be able to enjoy the alpine experience on our tram," Petty said.

Dunsmuir City Councilor Josh Spurlock said some have expressed concern about the tram possibly being an eyesore and taking away from the natural beauty of the area. He added that most are in support of the project.

This is not Petty's first time trying to get this project approved. She said she initially tried about 20 years ago, but the council turned it down. Back then, the railroad and logging industries had a heavier influence on the economy. Now, she said those industries are dying, and the area needs that extra boost in tourism.

There is an informational meeting on Wednesday, February 15th at 6 p.m. at the Dunsmuir Library.

After that meeting, a committee will be formed, and it will begin applying for grants to conduct feasibility studies.

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