Proposed warming shelter geared towards young adults clears major hurdle

(KTVL/Genevieve Grippo)

An organization aimed at helping homeless children and their families has cleared a major hurdle in starting a warming shelter for homeless young adults in Medford.

Thursday night, the Jackson County Planning Commission approved Maslow Project's request to open the shelter.

While they are still waiting on smaller permits and approvals, their goal is to open the shelter this winter.

The shelter would be the first of its kind in Medford, set to house up to 15 people ages 18 to 24.

"There's a big gap in services in the community right now," said Karen Phillips, Development Director for Maslow Project. "We've got youth shelters that serve up to age 17, we've got the adult shelters, but this age group of 18-24 is a fairly vulnerable age group.

"They don't always feel safe going to adult shelters," she added.

The shelter would only cater to young adults getting assistance from the Maslow Project.

Aside from serving as a refuge from the winter cold, the shelter would also open in the summer when air quality is impacted by wildfire smoke.

This would be the first warming shelter the Maslow Project has ever hosted.

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