Protesters want ODOT to adopt Vision Zero plan

Protesters stage a "die-in" Wednesday in Northwest Portland to urge the Oregon Department of Transportation to adopt Vision Zero, which is a plan that aims to eliminate traffic fatalities. (KATU Photo)

BikeLoudPDX staged a “die-in” Wednesday in Northwest Portland.

People laid down in the street in front of the offices of the Oregon Department of Transportation and had chalk outlines drawn around their bodies to symbolize the 467 traffic fatalities last year on Oregon roads.

Protesters also rang a bell once for each of the victims.

The group wants ODOT to do what the Portland Bureau of Transportation has done, which is to adopt Vision Zero -- a plan for no deaths.

“ODOT has no adaptation of Vision Zero,” said Caroline Crisp with BikeLoudPDX. “So what that means is that there’s no teeth holding them to prioritize pedestrian, cycling safety. So that’s why we’re out here today.”

Protesters want ODOT to focus on safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, not on building more roads.

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