Public hearing on Dead Indian Memorial Road tonight

A picture of a Dead Indian Memorial Road sign that was painted over. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners is listening to public input on an issue that has been discussed in the county for years.

The board is holding a public hearing on the future of the name of Dead Indian Memorial Road today at 5:30 PM Wednesday.

Some residents want to change the name because they say it's offensive to Native Americans, others say the road name should not change because it's a reminder of our history in the Rogue Valley.

According to Commissioner Colleen Roberts, there is no set end time for the meeting but they'll evaluate it by the number of people who attend.

Commissioner Roberts says she's looking forward to the input residents have on this issue,

"I always listen to it. I think it's how government should be, you know, by, of, and for the people, and I think the commissioners all agree," said Roberts.

News 10 has been following this issue for some time.

This summer, the sign for Dead Indian Memorial Road was spray painted multiple times to make the name appear as Indian Memorial Road.

The road was originally named Dead Indian Road, by a group of white settlers. The name was chosen after the white settlers found 2 dead Native Americans in the area of the road.

The road name was changed from Dead Indian Road, to Dead Indian Memorial Road in 1993.

There is no official timeline right now for the commissioners to vote on a name change for the road.

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