Adult rock 'n' roll puppet show looking for actors

Courtesy of Puppeteers for Fears

Ashland Ore.- Puppeteers for Fears creator, Josh Gross describes his act as a cross between The Muppets and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It's a puppet show with a full rock band, custom-made puppets, and a liberal sprinkling of adult humor - and they're looking for actors for their upcoming plays.

"People should be excited about this because this is local culture, created by local people, that can only be seen in this one time in this one place," Gross said.

Gross says so far, the Puppeteers for Fears act has sold out at every show they've played, ranging in venues from dance studios to bars.

All money made from the plays are split evenly between everyone who works on the play. Gross says it's his mission to create the most accessible theater around.

Puppeteers for Fears is planning on touring their act around the region in places like Grants Pass, Yreka and Ashland. They plan to do a few shows in Seattle and Portland this summer.

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