Rally supports Eagle Point shooting victim Matt Graves

KTVL / Jennevieve Fong

A rally in support of office-involved shooting victim Matthew Graves was held Saturday afternoon in front of the Eagle Point Police Department. Dozens of residents gathered, holding signs reading "Justice for Matt Graves."

Eagle Point Officer Daniel Cardenas was trying to arrest 33-year-old Graves near the Carl’s Jr. on West Linn Road, when the altercation turned into a deadly shooting on Sept. 19.

Rally organizer Rhonda Cappello wrote on Facebook, "This rally is to honor a life lost and seek justice for him and to honor his family and to bring awareness to mental health and to let our voices be heard. We need to make sure the police know that this isn't going away...MATT AND HIS MEMORY AND STORY ARE NOT GOING AWAY!!!"

In addition to raising awareness to mental health, supporter Troy Cates said law enforcement should have avoided deadly force in this confrontation.

"I do believe that Mr. Graves was within that law to walk away from that conversational law enforcement encounter," Cates said. "There was no justification to introduce deadly force when he pulled out the gun."

This is the second rally held in support of Graves and his family. The first rally was held on Oct. 2 , before officers were cleared of criminal charges and body camera footage was released to the public.

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