Randall Theatre needs to raise $20k or will close

Playbill for the Randall Theatre Company (Jennevieve Fong / News 10)

The Randall Theatre in downtown Medford has only fourteen days to raise $20,000. After moving to their new building on Fir St. and dealing with the unforeseen costs from the move, founder and executive director Robin Downward said they did not see this coming.

"Just in a matter of four months, we went from everything's fine, to we're in trouble," Downward said.

Downward said the theatre will have to close, if they aren't able to raise the money by Mar. 20.

"This is a strange time for us, because it's new territory," Downward said. "Not only not having the funds that we need to do our productions, but the funds we need to stay open which has never been an issue before."

After the move, Downward said occupancy rules limited the audience size for productions, which lead to a decrease in possible ticket sales. There were also additional costs required to make the building more earthquake resistant.

"What we're facing is that about 20 percent of our 2019 budget actually was spent in 2018, dealing with these unforeseen issues," Downward said.

While some argue the downtown Medford area is unsafe, he said that is not the case.

"What i say to people with, with the perception that the downtown is not safe, come downtown and look you know and and come see us..." Downward said.

He said those that will lose the most are the volunteers who help put on the productions.

"It's no one that will be out of a job," Downward said. "They'll be out of the years of joy and fun that we've had together, and we've also shared with our public."

Naming the theatre after his older brother Randy who died at an early age, Downward said his legacy is honored through each performance.

"For us, it's not just about glorifying ourselves on stage," Downward said. "It's about what we're doing as a group together, to entertain our audiences and that stems directly from what I remember of him and his humility in the talents."

The Randall Theatre is asking the community to help in a number of ways.

Downward said all donations will be returned to donors, if the company is unable to reach the $20,000 goal.

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