Recovery centers prepare for extra clients during OnTrack transition

MEDFORD -- Foundations for Recovery has seen an increase in clients over the last few weeks.

Executive director Doug Gould said as OnTrack is making changes to facilities and staffing, many addicts are looking for new rehabilitation centers. He said while this may strain other agencies, they will have to adapt.

"We've made adjustments in our services, because we see the need in our community. So I think the impact will be a positive impact among other agencies because they will see the need to re-vamp some of their services," Gould said.

The Addictions Recovery Center had already made plans to expand addiction and mental health services. Director of Clinical and Behavioral Health Darryl Inaba said this is fortunate timing, as ARC could be sharing staff with OnTrack soon.

"ARC has been slowly growing and planning to grow more to provide the clinical needs, we just can't keep up with it. People go on humongous waiting lists which is just a tragedy," Inaba said.

But Inaba said the community will still rely on OnTrack services to meet the need.

"Even if they didn't have this thing with them and they were operating fully there's still not enough services in the valley," Inaba said.

Gould said at Foundations for Recovery, they aren't able to offer all the services that OnTrack does.

"What OnTrack provides that we don't as of yet is the moms program and the dads program. These programs that they provide are essential for those who need those services. It's just something that we don't provide," Gould said.

OnTrack's first priority is making changes to residential facilities.

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