Red light cameras set to be installed in Grants Pass

Red light cameras (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

Red light cameras will be installed in Grants Pass as early as next year.

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety, Lt. Todd Moran says, one of the biggest complaints every year is red light runners.

He says there will be two cameras for busy intersections.

Back in 2016, Grants Pass City Council gave police the option to explore a red light photo enforcement.

Lt. Moran says since the approval, they have been working with Red flex system, the same service used in Medford, and Oregon Department of Transportation.

He says traffic studies and surveys have been done to figure out exactly where to put these cameras.

Most accidents are along Grants Pass Parkway near Walmart and Allen Creek Road near Red Robin.

"A lot of folks that drive in Grants Pass on a daily basis, they know not to jet right out into the intersection when they get a green because it's frequent that a car is still coming through the other direction," LT. Moran said.

The system is all owned by Red Flex, so there's no cost to the city. Each violation that occurs the system will take a certain percentage.

Lt. Moran says as of right now there are no red light cameras in the city, but they are hoping to have the them up by the beginning of next year.

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