Rep. Walden meets with Grants Pass residents

KTVL/Autumn Robertson

GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- People filled the auditorium to capacity at Grants Pass High School Friday morning to hear Representative Greg Walden speak. Walden was greeted by a passionate and fired up crowd.

Some of the issues grants pass residents were concerned with were the potential changes in the affordable care act, gerrymandering, planned parenthood and veteran assistance.

Walden addressed these measures head-on. The crowd heckled Walden a few times. Some residents in the crowd did not get the answers that they wanted to hear.

While there were some heated moments, Grants Pass residents do believe that the town hall was a success.

Resident Stephanie McBrayer said that she’s commends Rep. Walden.

"I really commend him for doing these town halls and talking to people, it's not easy to take questions the way he did, rapid fire style. I was really, really proud of my community," Walden said.

The crowd left with mixed reactions, but felt that the meeting was effective.

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