Rescue group continues to help burned pets from Camp Fire.

Courtesy: Janie Hopper ResQ Animal Coalition.

The recovery efforts continue in Paradise, California as the ResQ Animal Coalition, a non-profit from Redding continues to help animals who have been lost or left behind due to the Camp Fire.

Janie Hopper, the President of the coalition, said they are still rescuing dogs and cats, some who have been badly burned. Hopper said they have also been able to reunite some of those pets with their families like this little one you see here.

"Their animals are all they have left." said Hopper. "There's a substantial cost when you are treating burned animals. It's a long term treatment anywhere from a week, to five to six weeks, depending on how bad the burns are."

The ResQ Coalition said they are in need of monetary donations, along with food bowls and dog leashes. If you would like to help them out you can do so by clicking here.

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