Residents oppose Greenway expansion for safety reasons

Construction has begun behind residents of Barnett townhomes to make room for the Larson Creek and Bear Creek Greenway expansion (Marissa Olid/News 10)

The expansion of the multi-use path through Larson and Bear Creek Greenway has raised concerns for local residents.

The expansion for the new greenway will run through Ellendale Drive to Black Oak Drive, running adjacent to Barnett townhomes, other apartment complexes, and businesses.

Due to the greenway running through residents backyards, they are concerned for the security of their homes and safety of their children as the greenway already tends to draw in transients, according to residents.

In opposition to the expansion for security and safety reasons, residents have formed a petition that has been shared on a group page on Facebook.

"Our objective is to get City Council to stop construction through our apartment complex and hopefully persuade them to spend the money they've allotted for this project into something that will better serve the community," said Lindsay Copeland, a resident of Barnett Townhomes.

Copeland describes the prior Larson Creek expansion has brought an increase in bike thefts, car break-ins and people having psychiatric breaks near the Barnett townhomes.

"To a lot of people here, this feels like discrimination based on our socio-economic backgrounds. This isn't something you'd see in a really affluent neighborhood and I think that people are honestly feeling victimized by this," said Copeland.

The petition has gained 120 supporters out of 1,000 and will continue.

Residents have invited the public to join them at the next City Council meeting on April 18th at 6 p.m. to voice their disagreement with the expansion.

The multi-use path is expected to be completed by the fall.

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