Known drug dealer arrested on burglary, theft charges


UPDATE (4:07 a.m. 01/16/18): Allen Dale Mitchell has been arrested on 1st and 2nd degree burglary charges as well as 1st degree theft and attempted theft/attempt to commit crime.

Mitchell was lodged in the Jackson County Jail Monday evening. His bail has been set at $39,000.


Jackson County residents are watching Allen Mitchell, Sr. closely, many of them are doing so because they feel law enforcement has not done enough to get Mitchell off the streets.

According to Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement (MADGE), Mitchell has been 'arrested a ton of times,' notably in an incident that involved taking over a mansion while a family was away.

According to Jackson County Jail records, Allen has been arrested as well for possession of meth charges and has failed to appear in court.

MADGE says they know Mitchell well. The Jackson County Scanner Group on Facebook has been keeping tabs on Allen's whereabouts by posting pictures and locations of an RV Allen typically is seen with as well as a small maroon car.

With the RV parked in public parking lots and other public areas, residents want him off the street.

"It's a public threat at this point to have drug users who are stealing things, possibly coming down and violent, showing up in public parking lots where kids are walking - we don't want it there," Ryan Mallory, the creator of Jackson County Scanner Group, said.

Allen's daughter-in-law commented on the post in the Jackson County Scanner Group post as well saying, 'I really hope that the communities [sic] diligence on this will make them actually keep him...get him prosecuted. He’s never shown up to court.'

Residents who have taken pictures or noted Mitchell's alleged locations plan to continue to do so until Mitchell is arrested and lodged in the Jackson County Jail for more than a short time. Mallory, as well as some members of Mitchell's family, believes extended jail-time may help Mitchell recover from drug addiction.

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