Right to Bear Arms Amendment on 2018 ballot

(Courtesy: Pixabay)

The Right to Bear Arms Amendment has made it onto the 2018 Midterm Elections ballot in Jackson County.

The charter amendment will allow citizens to "keep and bear arms as originally understood, in self-defense and preservation, and in defense of one's community and country."

The amendment would prevent any future state legislation restricting gun ownership from being enforced within the county.

The proposition also takes on assault-style weapons in the language: "Freely possess, manufacture, transfer, sell and buy firearms, including but not limited to what is commonly and subjectively referred to as or semi-automatic "assault-style" firearms and/or high capacity feed systems, firearm accessories and ammunition, which are designed primarily for the same purposes."

A group of Jackson County residents had to collect a minimum of 6,608 verifiable signatures for the initiative to be included in this year's special elections. Petitioners turned in more than 8,00 signatures. Enough signatures have been verified by count election officials.

The full amendment can be found at the Jackson County Clerk's website.

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